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Influencers Management software

Push your sells trough influencers: import your contacts or make them join from your website, choose the most promising and engage campaigns.

Why to choose us

Tracked metrics: Likes

Supported social medias: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Hellocoton

New metrics and medias are costantly implemented.

Add influencers to your campaigns one by one or bulk list

Rate influencers feedback

Save all generated urls and rate them

Campaign cost calculation

New features to come.

Tracked data is available in graphs.

Power-interest and sentiment-power matrix supported (Mendelow's Matrix).

New graphs are in development.

Keep your influencers in quick lists

Tag system

Custom fields

Choose wich columns and filters to display

Export email and password data for mass email integration

Our Workflow

How it works.

Get your influencers into socialtracker

We gather influencers data trough 3 main sources:

  1. Excel importing
  2. Form registration from your website
  3. Manual inputing

What we gather is anagraphics, social medias, contacts and custom defined fields resulting in a complete profile of the influencer.

Manage your data

Once you have some influencers socialtracker begins to track their social likes trends and you can:

  • Organize them in lists defining your influencers groups
  • Add custom tags, notes and custom matrix data
  • Filter them in all possible ways

Do campaign!

Add organized lists or single bloggers to your campaigns and:

  • Keep track of all articles and videos produced by your influencers
  • Rate their work
  • Keep historical data of your collaborations

Pricing Table


Give it a try!



  • 30 Influencers
  • 90 tracked urls
  • 3 months


Startup / Small business


Per Month

  • 100 Influencers
  • 300 tracked urls


Medium business


Per Month

  • 250 Influencers
  • 750 tracked urls


Big business


Per Month

  • 1k Influencers
  • 3k tracked urls



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